Felix De Kapitein

Artist: FELIX DE KAPITEIN / Interview by SFINX.

We are honored & thankful, Felix, for the collaboration with the SFINX.
That means a lot & makes us happy, that we share the same vision, to spread Art & Cvlture to the whole world. Express yourself & let the people know you & your art.


1. State your name for the record. Introduce yourself.
Hello, my name is Felix D'Huys, I work under the alter ego Felix De Kapitein. I've been living 25 years on this stone. My place of residence in Gent, Belgium. I work as a tattoo artist in Punctum Tattoo Studio but also make illustrations and graphic work.

2. When did you realize you wanted to become a tattoo artist, and which was the main reason force behind the choice?
I was always interested in having tattoos on my own body but never thought about doing it myself. Until I met some tattoo artists who were doing different things then most traditional tattoo artists. While I was studying graphic at KASK Gent, a friend pushed me to buy a tattoo machine and start practicing. I fell in love with the craft and everything attached to it.

3. Which tattoo artist(s) do you admire?
I absolutely admire are Alexander Grim, Bleck, Rafel Delalande, Arie Fasant, Gakkin, Tim Beijsens, Maud Dardeau, Gerhard Wiesbeck, Marabou, Frederico Rabelo, Leny Tusfey, Kenji Alucky, Abyssicart, Skeleton Jelly, Haivarasly and much more.
My preference is big tattoos, dark but elegant.

4. Do you have a formal art background?
Yes, I have a master degree in Graphic Arts at KASK School of Arts in Gent, Belgium. This defined my way of working with tattoos a lot. Creating interesting graphic images and searching for your own path.

5. How would you describe your personal style?
Dark Nouveau.

6. What are your favorite artworks to create and how you approach designing a custom piece?
I love making big detailed illustrations and backpieces. I always start by choosing a symbolical subject. I start by doing a big research on the topic.
After the idea comes the first sketch. I always pushed myself to work on the actual design with markers only, without erasing anything. This helps me a when tattooing, since it's impossible to go back.
I like to use really fine markers and needles. I always try tro draw they way I draw. Good artworks start from my own head. I use referente material to get proportions and poses right, but it's really important for myself that the final result is something original. It has to be my own creation.

7. How do you see your style evolving?
I would love to design and tattoo full body suits.

8. Do you find your work attracts a specific type of clientele?
All my clients are interested in the same visual language, symbols and themes as me. I can find a connection with almost all my clients, they are all unique people connected by my drawings on their body.

9. In three words, what is art to you?
Destruction, Chaos, Construction.

10. Do you have any tattoos?

- Which tattoo was your first and which one is your latest?
I did my first tattoo on myself, it felt right to give and get my first one by myself. It's a seven circuit labyrinth on my upper leg, since it was the most easy place to tattoo myself.
The lines are shit but I am still very happy with it. The last on I got was by Bleck who did a very nice one on my lower arm.

- Which tattoo do you cherish the most? Which style do you like best?
I am most proud of my left sleeve in progress, also by Bleck. It's a classical black figure Greek style vase around my arm containing scenes of the Trojan War.
It's done quite traditional as if my arm is the vase. It had beautiful details and I will never get tired of looking at it.

- Do you have any regrets about your tattoos? If so, why?
No, that's the point of getting tattoos. I have some tattoos I would not put at this moment, but I don't regret the person I was back then, it's a part of me. Life is a one way ticket and tattoos mean good memories.

11. Is there a specific culture or philosophy which fuels your inspiration?
I get inspired by Myths and legends from different parts of the world and history. Especially Greek, Renaissance, Buddhism and Hinduism, Anarchism and much more. I can find inspiration from every religion, culture, subculture, music genre...
Also interests in advanced tribal cultures. Cultures throughout history that were/are advanced but still in touch with human nature.

12. Do you incorporate any elements of ancient Greek art to your work?
I love Greek myths. Greek culture is the beginning of European culture. It fascinates me how advanced ancient Greek culture was for its time. Greece is a beautful conutry, I have only been there once but loved the country. The clash of old ancient culture blending with new alternative subcultures.  

13. Do you have any works that are influenced by ancient Greek philosophy or myths?

14. Aside from ancient Greek art, what is the most prevalent ancient culture in your work?
I try to make a big mix from different ancient and modern cultures. There are symbols and myths all around the work with different meaning and connotations. i like to find the links and make art about all the links I find. Destruction, Chaos, Construction.

15. On what level do you feel art influences people?
Art is a way of living, it is about the ability of humankind to create things with their own hands, of choice, of leaving the world behind in a more beautiful way then they found it. A constructive way of living. It inspires, it gives hope, it feeds the soul, it nurtures the brain, it loves you if you love it. It is the dance of life.

16. Anything else you like to mention?
I would love to tattoo people in Greece.

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Photos of Felix by © Karen Vandenberghe.