Artist: KWIN / Interview by SFINX.

We are honored & thankful, Kwin, for the collaboration with the SFINX.
That means a lot & makes us happy, that we share the same vision, to spread Art & Cvlture to the whole world. Express yourself & let the people know you & your art.


1. State your name for the record. Introduce yourself.
My name is Witold but everyone calls me Wito. Tattoo artists know me as Kwin Tattoo. I’m from Ukraine but since 2011. I have been living in Krakow. In 2018, I made my own brand ‘Black Mood” - this place includes different artistic things like tattoo studio, partnership of photographers and also Black Mood Clothes inspired by works of tattoo artists.

2. When did you realize you wanted to become a tattoo artist, and which was the main reason force behind the choice?
In 2015 I decided to make my first tattoo. All magic of this process had inspired me so I started to look for more informations about tattoo culture.
I was on architecture field of study so I have skills like drawing and designing - it helped me a lot with making my first tattoo projects.
The main cause of my becoming an tattoo artist is possibility to make art and share it with society. You have free choice in making this kind of art - I need ‘artistic freedom’ and I found it in being tattooer.
Yes - I meant that I was an architect. I also had a few courses about drawing and composition. I think that every hour was valuable.
I am very thankful to my teacher from my city - I was going on lessons which lasted 4 hours twice a week. He was able to teach me how to draw in one year and he helped me to pass exams. I appreciate his lessons the most in my life.

3. Which tattoo artist(s) do you admire?
I love the works of @fredao_oliviera, @ineepine, @savee_saveetat, @niko_nerdo. I can long count the artists whose works I'm delighted with. For me, skill is very important an artist working with a body / human anatomy. Of course, the "lightness" of the drawing and its composition.

4. Do you have a formal art background?
Yes, as I write earlier, I'm an architect from the point of view. And before that I had several years of intensive courses in the field of compilation and composition. And I think that every hour spent over the science of art has gone to the benefit. I pay the most to the teacher of the school of my city. I came to him twice a week and each of the courses lasted for 4 hours. I had in one year from scratch, learn to draw in order to pass pre-enzyme examinations to the university of architecture. I appreciate the knowledge I get at the time.

5. How would you describe your personal style?
I can call it as a ‘sketch style’ but I am open to other styles. I like to experiment and I often add something from other style to my works. It’s very "alive" tattoo art, and it makes you feel something more than only the ink.

6. What are your favorite artworks to create and how you approach designing a custom piece?
It’s hard do answer. I always do my best in doing a tattoo. I have to admit my work as a really good work and if I’m not contened I won’t let my client go.
Process of making a tattoo design contains 3 parts: first - looking for inspiration (I love hand-drawing, I use a lot of pencils, I add or erase many things - ofc I sometimes scan it to my computer and modifciate or improve). Next part is when you bring your project to skin your client. I love freehand so I use many pens and often do project on skin. I hate tattoos like "sticker" - it is important to make a
tattoo which is okay with our body and anatomy.

7. How do you see your style evolving?
I want to progress this style. I am thinking all the time about improving my skills - maybe more details or more components of composition. It’s hard to tell everything but for sure I want to make more and more interesting projects which will be challenge for me.

8. Do you find your work attracts a specific type of clientele?
Yes, I think. They usually tell me that they want to something different and the like my ‘free’ and spontaneus line.

9. In three words, what is art to you?
Freedom, honesty with yourself, never-ending progress.

10. Do you have any tattoos?
Yes. I have one arm tattooed and part of my chest is done. I want to expand it soon with a big project on my back and neck. All of my tattoos are connected and they are done with ‘ornament’ line.

- Which tattoo was your first and which one is your latest?
My first tattoo was very big (on half of my arm) and the latest was a pattern which fills it

- Which tattoo do you cherish the most? Which style do you like best?
I really like mandalas. I have one on my chest. It’s very important element of whole composition. I want to have on my body only graphic tattoos, I also like dark and planty tattoos.

- Do you have any regrets about your tattoos? If so, why?
No, I don’t regret any.

11. Is there a specific culture or philosophy which fuels your inspiration?  
How much I know myself, I have always strived to have freedom in what I am do. Going to the tattoo I dreamed about it, I have the opportunity to show my visions of the universe in this form as I see it. I tried myself in different graphic styles, as ornamental or classic blackwork, but for me this type of work they came more to design than to drawing. same boundaries beyond which you can not take a step further. The main idea when creating my works is a set of boundaries created from us. Such a small rebellion against stiff ones contour works and life as such. It is usually the case that all the time we should stick to certain rules that limit the flight of our mazen and fantasies. However, after doing my work, I draw. It gives you the freedom of your hand. Most often, she even knows better how to do this or another line ;) For me there are important emotions that will be experienced by the client each time looking at this work.

12. Do you have any works that are influenced by ancient Greek philosophy or myths?
Yes, I made a few tattoos inspired by Greek myths. People like this magic vibe.

13. Aside from ancient Greek art, what is the most prevalent culture in your work?
I also think that Nordic art is inspiring me.

14. In three words, what is art to you? How would you define art?
It’s possibility to interpret world in our own way. We can see differnet things in different ways. Art is never ending source of emotions and answers.

15. On what level do you feel art influences people?
Art is enclosing us, you can’t escape from it. Art is making our personality.

16. Anything else you like to mention?
Art is in every soul but not every soul can see it and use it.

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