Artist: LITH / Interview by SFINX.

We are honored & thankful, Lith, for the collaboration with the SFINX.
That means a lot & makes us happy, that we share the same vision, to spread Art & Cvlture to the whole world. Express yourself & let the people know you & your art.


Lith1. State your name for the record. Introduce yourself.
My name is Lith but my real name is Maria-Nefeli. That's a greek name because I was born and Ι live there.

2. When did you realize you wanted to become an artist, and which was the main reason force behind the choice?
I never actually chose it. I just always remember myself to paint on every surface. That was just my personal way to express thoughts and feelings - opinions and fears. Actually I can't call myself an artist because I could find art in most places: on a well made wood table, on a song's lyric or on a house made of stone. For me, art could be anything that has a genuine aesthetics.

3. Which artist(s) do you admire?
First thought: Kathe Kollwitz (1867-1945) for her -hard but true- way of seeing the reality.

4. Do you have a formal art background?
I'm a graduate mechanic of renovation & rehabilitation of buildings and a graphic design student.

Lith5. How would you describe your personal artistic style?
I haven't explored a lot the use of vivid colours. I prefer the use of black ink because of its clearness. I adore the contrast created by the black and white space.
It's also a challenge for me inking only with one colour: You have to transfer the shadows, lights, textures, colour gradations of a theme- only with the use of dots and lines. I love that style of drawing.

6. How do you see your style evolving?
The thing that makes me feeiling satisfied, is when someone accept my worκ -for example by wearing it. That's why keeping my environment and style as minimal and neutral I can, it helps me concentrate on working better. I like getting influenced by different cultures, artistic styles and music kinds so I prefer to keep my personal style quite unaffected.

Lith7. What influences your art?
I've always found it attractive searching ways to apply my aesthetics in practice.
I was always interested in the relationship of a creation with a variety of external factors (environment, light and shadow, culture and history of people, etc.)
and how they (should) affect the final result. Few people can really stand on the ground having their head in the clouds and I always wanted to be that person.

8. Is there a specific culture or philosophy which fuels your inspiration?
I have an unexplored adore for the old japan culture and philosophy and a growing interest for ancient greek mythology. I also being inspired by the aesthetics of english victorian era -about how they used ink and faded colour. I recognize only the literary wealth on parts of religious books and I use their mythologies as inspirations. Or as a way to express my criticism.

Lith9. Do you have any works that are influenced by ancient Greek philosophy or myths?
The works of collab with Sfinx - Rod of Asclepius and Medusa- are the only two completed.

10. Aside from ancient Greek art, what is the most prevalent ancient culture in your work?
As I said before, I am so attracted by the old Japanese culture. I believe they had a very interesting history and attitude. For example, the way they build their houses - under heavy and large roofs - and they design the interior, compared to western cultures (included ancient greek), differents on how they were using light and darkness. They found mystery and interest in the dark places of a room. They found beauty on old objects. They were trying to remove the light while western civilizations were trying to light everything removing every shadow. Those characteristics (the mystery of the darkness, the love for the shadows, the minimal and symbolic way to express thoughts and feelings) are prevalent in my work.

11. On what level do you feel art influences people?
In the past, people were them who influenced art. Αrt of painting worked like photography today: artworks mostly portrayed various historical events, stories and folk customs.Now I think modern mainstream art doesn't want to influences people anymore. For me this relationship is a two-way road: people should influence art and art must affects people in a way.

You can find LITH to see more of her art at: