Artist: VIEH / Interview by SFINX.

We are honored & thankful, Vieh, for the collaboration with the SFINX.
That means a lot & makes us happy, that we share the same vision, to spread Art & Cvlture to the whole world. Express yourself & let the people know you & your art.


1. State your name for the record. Introduce yourself.
My name is Steffi, but most people know me by "Vieh". I am a young woman from Germany and I'm making jewelry. I love art, craftsmanship, everything mystical and magical and Heavy Metal.
Molten metal is the basic material that I use, but I also like to draw, tattoo, photograph or screenprint.

2. When did you realize you wanted to become an artist, and which was the main reason force behind the choice?
I drew and painted since I can think and art and handicrafts have always been my favorite school subjects.
Since I had a lot of art history in the higher classes there was no choice anymore, art swallowed me. Since then my only wish was to study art.

3. Which artist(s) do you admire?
My all-time favorite artist is Albrecht Dόrer. But generally I love old engravings and sculptures from antiquity most.

4. Do you have a formal art background?
After school i drew and painted a whole year to evolve my skills to have a chance to be taken at the academy of fine arts.
My greatest wish became true. There I developed my own contemporary position, learned a lot more about art history and also how to teach art to children.
But in the end I decided against becoming an art teacher and for being self-employed.
I am so grateful for my time at the academy because I had the opportunity to experiment with a lot of materials and techniques. This also brought me to
the workshop of the gold and silversmiths where I learned how to cast metal which is now my most used medium.

5. How would you describe your personal artistic style?
I don't really like art that is too "smooth", too "perfect", so my works have a touch of rawness or imperfection. It's good when you can see
that a human being made this, not a machine.

6. What are your favorite artworks to create and how you approach designing a custom piece?
My favorite works to create are combining my craftsmanship with Heavy Metal motives, art history related or mythological ones.
I love to work together with other artists, visionaries or bands. Modelling a 3D form out of a 2D motive is a really satisfying work step for me.
You can see how a concept is coming alive. Although I have a clear vision from the beginning on of how the product will look
like in the end, I always respect the wishes of my customers. When there is something not doable in this medium that I use I try to find the best
way possible.

7. How do you see your style evolving?
With every motive that I'm doing I'm gaining more experience and I know each material a little bit better. Escpecially the casting process is getting
more and more routined (since I didn't serve an apprenticeship, I sometimes had to find my own way through problems).
Also I started with some really clumsy forms, I'm getting more and more filigree in modelling the form.

8. Do you find your work attracts a specific type of people?
My Heavy Metal motives definitely attract the Heavy Metal community (whom else? ^^), but basically everyone who puts value on handmade stuff,
traditional manufacture and who has got a bit of a darker taste.

9. What influences your art?
I am really curious about everything in history and present that deals with worlds beneath our common experience. So myths, legends, religions and
philosphies of various kind are all inspiring to me.
Of course art history influences me on a more or less aware level, but still if I couldn't spend free times in nature, I wouldn't be able to be productive.
Nature is the most powerful force behind my creativity. Also there's always running music when I'm creating something.

10. Is there a specific culture or philosophy which fuels your inspiration? 
(question above)
But while studying I made a few interpretations of nordic myths (e.g. a model of how the world developed in the Edda).
In that time this was really inspiring to me.

11. Do you incorporate any elements of ancient Greek art to your work?
This is my first time and I really like it :) Always admired ancient Greek art so I was really happy that our cooperation pushed me to trying out
something with this background. Thank you again for thinking of me!

12. Do you have any works that are influenced by ancient Greek philosophy or myths?
(question above)

13. Aside from ancient Greek art, what is the most prevalent ancient culture in your work?
(question 10)

14. In three words, what is art to you? How would you define art?
I need it.
To me art is something with which you can express yourself and make something of your personality visible to others. In my opinion it is the most
beautiful way of being creative.

15. On what level do you feel art influences people?
Art is good for taking a break from our ordinary world. When people for example go to a museum, they can experience beauty, but can also learn something,
think beneath their normal course of life. Some get inspired to do art theirselves, others simply become happy by the beauty of art and some get
astonished by the amazing craftsmanship that stands behind every piece. Even those who don't find a way into art are stimulated to think about it,
even it's simply an explanation why they don't like it. So it's also taste forming in whichever way.

You can find VIEH to see more of her art: