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      Mystagogy SΦINX® Premium unisex tee.

      100% Cotton t-shirt - 180gr. / Our tee is soft, has a heavy weight and sits perfectly on boys and girls. / Our model Valeria is 1,67m tall & wears size XL.
      *ZO/FOS Collection / *Certificate of Authenticity provided. / *Limited Stocks - Act Fast

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      Mystagogy, inspired by the mystery cult of the Kaviroi in Samothraki, Greece, who appear under the name Megaloi Theoi (Great Gods) in local inscriptions. The Kaviri were a group of four or six deities, linked with Hephaistos and the Dioscuri; known names of these deities are Axieros, Axiokersa, Axiokersos and Kasmilos.

      Their cult consisted of ceremonies and mysteries in special sanctuaries. A prerequisite for the initiation was confession, i.e. the catharsis of the soul (psyche) of the candidate, assigned to a designated priest, Koes, who would decide on the suitability of the aspiring initiate. The initiation ceremony took place during the night in the light of lamps held by those already initiated. In the abaton (‘the place not to be entered’) of the ceremonial space, a sign prohibited those who were not initiated from entry (the uninitiated should not enter).
      Ethical improvement for the initiated was the ultimate goal of the Mysteries.

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