Welcome to our world of artistic expression.

It all started from a single spark. From the desire to share our soul-consuming passion for hauntingly beautiful designs and premium creations.
Our vision is to unite curious individuals from around the world, who seek to acquire high quality unique artworks.
Our collection is meticulously crafted by positively talented artists engulfed in their creative process. Their attention to detail and their passion for designing and handcrafting mysterious pieces will astonish and excite you.

The SΦINX is our symbol of the human soul, where light (Fos) and dark (Zofos) intertwine in a constant mystical journey. Light and darkness are blurred constantly struggling for dominance within us.

Our desire is to create a community of passionate souls who will experience the creative flow of light merging into darkness. Of fos and zofos striking the balance between simplicity and fierceness.

Ιndulge into the mystagogic elegance of our serene symmetry spiraling to raw wilderness.

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