sfinx inspiration antefixAntefix is a distinctive feature of ancient Greek architecture that were used from the 7th to the 4th centuries BCE. These vertical blocks were placed at the end of roof tiles to prevent water damage and adorned with intricate, mythological or religious imagery. Made of terracotta or stone, they served both a practical and symbolic purpose.

The imagery on antefix typically depicted the gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon, such as Athena or Apollo, or mythological creatures like griffins or lions. These images helped to reinforce the connection between the temple and the divine, and to create a sense of awe and reverence. They were also a symbol of the power and authority of the gods.

Antefix came in three main types: akroteria, anthemion, and palmettes, each with its own distinct design. Akroteria was decorative ornaments placed at the corners of the roofline, often in the form of a statue or a relief sculpture, and used to create a visually striking and imposing effect. Anthemion antefix were often shaped like a rosette or lotus flower, creating a delicate and intricate effect. Palmette antefix was designed to resemble a palm frond, used to create a sense of movement and flow.

Beyond their practical and symbolic functions, antefix were also an important element of Greek temple design. They helped to create a visually striking roofline and added to the overall aesthetic appeal of the structure. Antefix were often decorated with bright colors and intricate details, making them a standout feature of Greek architecture.

Sfinx inspiration anthemion antefixToday, antefix can be found in museums and archaeological sites worldwide. These ancient artifacts continue to captivate and inspire visitors with their timeless beauty and intricate design. They serve as a testament to the skill and artistry of ancient Greek craftsmen, and to the importance of religious and mythological beliefs in Greek culture.

Whether you're a lover of ancient Greek history or simply appreciate the beauty of intricate design, antefix is a fascinating and important part of Greek architecture. So next time you visit a museum, archaeological site or a walk downtown in Athens, keep an eye out for these striking and symbolic vertical blocks!

The Allure of Nature

sfinx anthemion jewelry collection

The beauty and elegance of antefix have inspired us to create our Anthemion collection.

Designed and made by hand in our workshop in Athens, from silver 925. Each piece embody the same level of attention to detail and quality, featuring the perfect balance of minimal patterns, delicate designs, and evokes a touch of Greek art that pays homage to the magnificent art form of antefix.

The name "Anthemion" refers to the motif of overlapping palmette leaves and flowers that adorned antefix extensively in ancient Greek art and architecture. This motif represents growth, life, and prosperity. 

History and eternal beauty

At SΦINX®, we are proud to continue the tradition of Greek art, creating contemporary pieces that are inspired by the past and speak to the present. 

By wearing the Anthemion collection, you can showcase your love for Greek art and culture while enjoying a unique and timeless piece of jewelry.

Not just a stunning example of contemporary jewelry but also a celebration of Greek heritage and a testament to the unique and enduring beauty of ancient Greek culture. We invite you to explore Anthemion collection and discover the timeless beauty of Greek art and culture for yourself.

The discrete simplicity of the collection epitomizes the union with earth, spiritual uplift, rebirth from decline, and the blooming that comes after every ending.

sfinx anthemion jewelry collection