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    In the aftermath of mystical ecstasy, one turns to the allure of nature. Austerity, light, calmness, serenity, and catharsis of the soul – all these arouse the interest of the Anthos, the flower-symbol that blooms in spacetime, decoration, ceremonies, architecture, beauteousness, aesthetics, life, and works of art.

    The ANTHEMION collection is inspired by the decorative element of the antefix, which sometimes depicts an Acanthus and other times a honeysuckle flower, both of which are linked to the architectural philosophy of ancient Athens and Corinth.

    This decorative symbol is masterfully and majestically used in friezes, antefixes, and chapiters of temples, perfectly completing the architectural design and leaving its own timeless and sublime imprint.

    The jewels Lonicera, Spinosus, Mollis, Anthos, Antheon, Acron, Acanthis, Anthos Hoop, Spinosus, Erantheon, and Antheon Shield revitalize the classic antefix and provoke a feeling of astonishment.

    The discrete simplicity of the collection epitomizes the union with earth, spiritual uplift, rebirth from decline, and the blooming that comes after every ending.