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- Solid 925 Sterling Silver
- Rhodium or Gold 24k plating
- Size: 15x24mm
- Weight: 2.2g

Available with pearl.


We make your jewelry especially for you. Once your order is created & your payment is verified, it will take 5-7 business days for production.

SΦINX® Certificate of Authenticity personalized card included. All our jewelry dispatched with SΦINX® gift-boxes.

If you're ordering as a gift, please provide the recipient's name in the 'order notes' at checkout to personalize the card.



Step into a world where ancient Greek theaters come to life in a breathtaking symphony of design.

The Theatron collection invites you to explore the enchanting landscapes of the Theater of Delphi, the Theater of Dodona, and the Theater of Epidaurus, immortalized in jewelry that transcends mere adornment.

Prepare to be captivated, for this collection is more than meets the eye. Each meticulously crafted piece holds a hidden secret, a tale waiting to be discovered. As you gaze upon these treasures, they whisper untold stories of ancient rites and celestial performances, merging theater and mysticism into a captivating dance.

Inspired by the profound legacy of ancient theaters, our collection transcends the boundaries of convention. Just as these magnificent structures held multiple purposes, from theatrical spectacles to sacred rituals, our jewelry embodies versatility and personalization.

Embrace the freedom to curate your own expression, as each earring can be elegantly suspended, confidently worn as a stud, or daringly mixed, merging hanging allure with the allure of a stud.

Dare to be different, let your imagination roam free, and revel in the artistic freedom bestowed upon you by the Theatron collection. Wear a piece of history and embrace the mystical aura of ancient theaters, where the realms of humanity and the divine converged in an awe-inspiring spectacle. 


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